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COLLECTIVE Episode 2 - Young & Savage

Time Posted on May 21, 2019 User Martin W Comment No comments

FAM MEM Moritz Amsuess and his homies just released their second webisode. In case you didn't see till now, enjoy the clip and subscribe at their youtube chanel cause they'll go film some more stuff of what they love to do in life ... Second Episode of of 'COLLECTIVE' This Episode is about the End

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Young & Savage - COLLECTIVE Episode 1

Time Posted on May 06, 2019 User Martin W Comment No comments

FAM MEMBER Moritz Amsüss and his homies love snowboarding, surfing and skating ... Here they show how much they love snowboarding. THX for the SHOW boys and have a nice summer!!! COLLECTIVE Episode 1 - Young and Savage

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