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"SpotHunt“ Episode #2 with Fabian Fraidl, Christian Kirsch & Oskar Fritzsche

Time Posted on February 12, 2018 User Martin W Comment No comments

"You better bring it to the streets!" is the slogan but you need balls for playing this type of game. No worries, those warriers do their best to get shit done and refreshing the szene! THX boys for your passion and love for snowboarding! Hop over to facebook and Instagram and give those boys a

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"SpotHunt“ Episode #1 with Fabian Fraidl, Christian Kirsch, Oskar Fritzsche, Kevin Trammer, Dylan Norder and Dinar Galimov

Time Posted on January 04, 2018 User Martin W Comment No comments

Fabian Fraidl is calling ... Just recieved ths e-mail from the homie and RAIL machine Fabian Fraidl. Thank you bro for keeping it real and for pushing the SHRED! We're happy and stoked to be part of it!!! And that's the mail: Hey Martin, was geht? Wie du vielleicht schon mitbekommen hast, arbeit

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