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Why is shredding so expensive?

Time Posted on June 08, 2011 User Martin W Comment No comments

Why is shredding so expensive? The answer is easy to find. You need your equipment, fuel for the car and a lift ticket. These 3 aspects are what makes shredding expensive. So what I would like to think about is: What can we do to reduce the shred costs? First you can look for special deals for your

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Method mag goes LTKRF

Time Posted on July 20, 2010 User Martin W Comment No comments

LTKRF is an well known slogan from Volcom. Let the kids ride free is what Volcom wants to provide with their contests. But what does it mean in relation with method mag, the european shred mag??? The answer is: Let the kids read free !!! Europe’s METHOD magazine, a leading pan-European shr

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