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(AT) Odyssey Premiere Innsbruck


Wanderings around Snow with Different Direction.

An Odyssey is any long, complicated journey. Often a quest for a goal and may be a spiritual or psychedelic trip swell as an actual voyage.

Like always, plans can change. Specially in Winter. Fortunately that is a good thing too. It doesn ́t really matter where you are or where you go. As long as you can find a little bit of snow with your friends, you ́ll have fun. Shortly said, Odyssey is about going places and riding our snowboards, with the wild & fun moments that naturally come with what we do.

The original idea of the perfect snowboard shot might be a rider travelling through an empty blue sky over untracked powder hills and no shredbuddy crashing the picture. At least that ́s how we got told. No doubt but maybe the opposite is more fun and what we like. The more tracks in a landing, the better a session has been. The more yelling you hear while chasing down a pow line. tree runs, a street line or whatever, the more hyped you get. The more people opening a fresh can of beer the louder the sound of freedom will be. The more friends watching you landing a trick after bailing it plenty of times the more celebrated it will be . Nothing is better than sharing that one thing we love doing the most with our friends. You can ́t explain the stoke but you can share it.


Simon Pircher Mario Kaeppeli Mario Wanger Tom Klocker Joris Doorn Lukas Ellensohn Max Zebe Ethan Morgan Flo Corzelius Christoph Schwarz Paul Tief Michael Schatz Steve Grumser Raffi Kossmann Max Glatzl Steve Küberl Tom Tramnitz and more freinds.

directed by Sebi Madlener

filmed by Theo Acworth Sebi Madlener Julian Pintarelli Luzian Burgstaller Basti Funk Martin Venier Marco Johnny Morandi Joris Doorn Ethan Morgan Simon Pircher Lukas Ellensohn and more rider angles

edited by Sebi Madlener

[1]: different direciton