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(AT) Method Mag's MOVIE NIGHT + Afterparty


METHOD MOVIE NIGHT presents an evening of snowboard movie premieres including:

  • Zak Hale's TRASH
  • SCANDALNAVIANS: Teaser Movie
  • VANS: T.R.I.P.L.E
  • Ivika Jürgenson's HONEY

Playing at the Leo Kino Cinema in the heart of Innsbruck. Admission is FREE and the movies start playing at 10.15pm.

Then it's on to Kater Noster for the AFTERPARTY and we have special guest DJ Ethan Morgan on the decks from 11pm - 2am.

Details of each movie below:

  • Title: TRASH

Riders: Zak Hale, Harrison Gordon, Chris Grenier, Jesse Augustinus, Ethan Morgan + Carlos Garcia Knight.

Director: Mike Goodwin + Pwee

Description: A snowboard movie featuring the good times and travels of Zak Hale and friends.

Length: 15 mins.

Year: 2019

Country; US/EU

  • Title: Scandalnavians - Teaser Movie

Riders: Nisse Arvidsson, Sven Thorgren, Fridtjof Tischendorf, Halldór Helgason, Ludvig Billtoft, Len Roald Jørgensen, Alek Østreng, Rene Rinnekangas, Antti Jussila, Johan Nordhag, Eiki Helgason + Friends

Director: Kristoffer Fahlgren + Joakim Sahlberg

Description: A little taste of Scandinavian delicacies.

Length: 10 mins.

Year: 2019/20

Country: EU

  • Title : Vans T.R.I.P.L.E

Director: Bruno Rivoire

*Description *: As unique as powder, street or park riding could be, it's all part of the same game, showcasing the approach of some of Vans most talented team riders by highlighting the beauty and diversity of snowboarding through three-chapter series, Vans T.R.I.P.L.E.

Riders : Arthur Longo, Blake Paul, Benny Urban, Ivika Jürgenson, Danimals, René Rinnekangas, Enni Rukajarvi, Fridge.

Length: 15 minutes. (3 x 5min)

Year: 2019

Country: EU

  • Title: Honey

Riders: Ivika Jürgenson

Director: Tim Schiphorst

Description: "The environment is changing and wildflowers disappear. Bees now have to come to the city to produce honey."

Length: 5 min

year: 2018-2020

Country: EU

  • Title: Losers - Lobster Team Movie

Riders: Halldor, Eiki, Sparrow knox, Fridge, Frank Bourg

Director: Theodore Muse

Description: As real as it gets!

Length: 12 min

Year: 2019

Country: EU

  • Title: Beyond Medals. BRONZE AGE

Riders: Kevin Bäckström, Tor Lundström, Max Buri, David Djite, Sebbe De Buck, Severin Van der Meer, Brandon Cocard

Director: Mark Wiitanen / Zoo

Description: A film by Beyond Medals.

Length: 15 mins

Year: 2018/2019

Country: Sweden