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(AT) Brooks Movie Night I Innsbruck


Snowboard Videos and Party at Bauhaus

Brooks proudly presents

  • "Club 27" a video by Sebi Madlener featuring Simon Pircher Ethan Morgan Flo Corzelius Max Zebe Michael Schatz Joris Doorn Alexander Fischer
  • "SOLO" a video by WOP featuring Niels Schack Cees Wille Sparrow Knox Sami Luhtanen
  • "The Ethan Morgan Documentary" Teaser by Sebi Madlener featuring Ethan Morgan Toshiki Yamane Max Buri Sparrow Knox Niels Schack Zak Hale Simon Pircher Simon Gruber Annika Morgan & Stanley J. Leveille

Alongside live acts and djs care about some quality noise.

More info about this and a timetable are following asap.

Sponsored by Volcom & Deeluxe Snowboardboots