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Testimonials from friends, acquaintances, industry and stars.

Supporting Go Shred is a no-brainer. You save some money for gas and at the same time you reduce your carbon footprint. On top of that you may find some new shred-buddys or a hot girl to hook up with ..haha Just kiddin´- so be a good human and Go Shred!
Patrick Rauter - Shredder
go-shred gehört einfach unterstütz. Erstens muss man nie mehr alleine an Berg fahren, zweitens die Umwelt schützen und drittens muss man selber nicht mehr so viel Auto fahren.
Dominik Wagner-Snowboard Pro
go-shred is a very good thing because you share cars, you don´t spend much money and if you don´t have a car you can find someone who takes you to the mountain. In this days its very important to save the earth and don´t pollute them with so much cars!
Ana Rumiha-Pro Snowboarderin
"Car pooling is a good thing you can safe a lot of money and it's always more fun to ride with friends. Snowboarding isn't a solo sport, so go out there, meet new people and enjoy an awesome day at the mountain!"
Eero Ettala - Pro Snowbaorder
"Don't waste your time in bed, go shred. Stay in your flow while keeping emissions low. Meet some friends and save the pow, the best time to do it, is right now!"
Bjorn Simons - Shredder at Volcom Family Belgium
It's hard to decide what i like more about that it helps snowboarders save money or that it helps save our planet by reducing our carbon footprint. All-in-all if you pay less you get to shred more! I grew up 600km from the next mountains and getting to the resorts was a huge thing for me: I would babysit until I had 120 Deutsche Marks for a train ticket to Bludenz. If we had internet in 1990 I would have gotten to ride even more often… thanks go-shred!
Vera Janssen - ProSnowboarder
"share and save. win win. go shred! as simple as that"
Markus Keller - snowboard Pro
"I'm a big fan of go-shred's idealism. Meet new people, share a passion, keep costs down for everyone, keep the planet green and happy! What could be better!?"
Marc-André Tarte
"go-shred is a good way to safe money and to do something good for the nature. So there are two things everybody likes to do: safe money and keep the mountains clean!!!"
Mario Käppeli - snowboardPro
"It works in Austria, now it’s time for Italy to go-shred."
Simon Gruber - Snowboarder
"The idea of is amazing, u can save money, find new buddies to ride with and acting environmental friendly in the same time, so...go-shred!"
Alessandro Benussi - SnowboardPro
"The Idea of go-shred has some strong arguments. It helps your wallet as well as the mountains and who knows, maybe you will meet your future wifey."
Philipp Strauss - Snowboarder
"Such a smart idea the whole thing!! go-shred makes our life way easier and what's the best it's good for our environment. Use it and have fun with it!!"
Ville Uotila - ProSnowboarder
"Getting hyped for riding in the car on the way to the mountain. We all know that feeling. go-shred offers the so far best platform to make this happen. Genius Idea for people who used to be unable to go ride and also really helpful for our environment. Need a ride... you'll find a ride. Thanks!"
Benny Urban - Snowboarder
"to keep things short and simple: it's good for your wallet, our enviroment and it's easy as pie. There's no reason why you shouldn't do it!"
Alex Tank - ProSnowboarder
"Snowboarding is all about friends… and long expensive rides to the hill… so why not save money and get to know new friends… makes sense to me… just hook up on go-shred and get to know new people who could be potential bff's or buttbuddies, and go ride for less money hence splitting the gas money… noooooo biggie!!!"
Ethan Morgan - PRO snowboarder
"Even as a full-time snowboarder, I never owned a car for ecological reasons. I traveled a lot by train, but quite some times i've been lucky to have friends, who'd help me out for the last some miles, to reach certain spots. Nowadays there's even options like "go-shred", which's a great benefit for every rider but most of all our fragile environment. Ride on, but save nature, share cars, jokes and love..."
Reto Kestenholz - living legend
"i take my hat off to 'go-shred'! i love sharing in any way. and this is the perfect win win situation. people come together, save money and be green. go-shred is gorgeous!!!"
Davo Struber - Snowboard GENTLEMAN
"ja also go-shred is einfach der beste weg zum boarden ;) ich mein es ist einfach so simple, billig und aufregend. man trifft einfach immer auf neue Leute was ich sehr cool finde! also kurz gesagt, die go-shred guys haben es einfach geschafft, dass man billig mit kumpels zusammen zum boarden kommt!! GO Guys... share it !!!!!!!!!"
Clemens Schattschneider - snowboard PRO
"go-shred is THE perfect way to share your car and gas costs with others who don’t have a car or don’t want to waste place in their car, with the positive side effect of not being alone and get in touch with new guys or girls. Our sport is nearly impossible without a car- so let’s make the best of it and share!"
Gerald Fuchs - Snowboarder
" its simple...go shred and take someone with you, half the carbon footprint and who knows you might even get laid! boooom!"
Henry Jackson - speaker of the Universe
"Finally a fun way to both save money and the environment!"
Danny Larsen - ProSnowboarder
"go-shred is genius! I think it's a great way to bring people together in the mountains and is a solid step in protecting our winters for future generations. What a great way to save money and be environmentally concise."
Bryan Iguchi / livin snowboard legend / Volcom Family
"go-shred is a great idea for great people… Shredding alone is boring and driving to the mountain is useless without a copilot!! Sharing is caring and this brings all of us forward. Life without cars is not possible anymore.. So lets make the best out of it and use"
Eric Themel - SnowboardPro
"Je pense que est vraiment un cool concept, le faite de pouvoir remplir des voitures pour aller rider est une bonne chose et je pense que pour les gens qui n'ont pas forcément de voiture cela peut faciliter beaucoup les déplacements."
Carlos Gerber - upcoming SnowboardPro
"one day i got a message on facebook if i wanna write something about go-shred! first: i didn't now about go-shred and after i met martin ( the brain behind i was super stoked that someone came up with that idea of "car-sharing" in the winter sport scene! big respect- go shred & have fun - fichtl!"
Marco Feichtner - ProSnowboarder
"i think go-shred is the future! nobody can pay the gas in the future anymore, it's better for the nature when you drive together and it's for sure more fun! so let's do it!!!"
Sebi Geiger - ProSnowboarder
"everybody cares about their karma nowadays. well, if you get to resorts by "go-shred" you'll for sure get some karma-credits for stressing mother nature a bit less than usual.. and as a bonus you won't be bored during getting to the pow, because u share a car and good times with other snowfanatics!"
David Bertschinger Karg - ProSnowboarder
go-shred is an awesome idea!!! Share your ride and lift a bro to the spot. Get together and save the environment as a side effect. Good people. DO IT!
Sebi Müller,gatland
"think that the current vision and dedication of the go-shred team/site is just awesome. Not only are they uniting the snowboard scene in Europe, it's such a great opportunity for individuals to meet new people, have fun, shred & push themselves more. It's always a blast when you have company/friends/new acquaintances. For someone who loves snowboarding but doesn't have friends to shred with go-shred is perfect. Especially for kids, who don't have drivers licence or anybody who doesn't feel like driving alone to snow-resorts and spending crazy money for gas."
Nejc Ferjan - ProSnowboarder
"go-shred is the best site, for a shredder... I would have discovered mores ski resorts, when I started snowboarding, if there had been a site like that. This site is the best opportunity to discover new places and new peoples by sharing the same passion, for a cheap way of traveling. I couldn’t really move in different ski resorts when I started, cause it was too expensive for me. go-shred would have been "the solution" for me. To bad that It didn't exist at that time, for me. But I'm glad that there is a solution now, for the new snowboard generation. KIDS, enjoy it! This is a real opportunity for you...Don't waist your time at home, travel, open your mind to new things, new peoples. You’ll become a better human being!"
Anthony "TONTON" Holland - ProSnowboarder
"sehr feine Idee. Einfach auch desshalb, weil es die Leute aus den jeweiligen Regionen zusammen bringt, um das zu teilen, was ihnen Spaß macht. Ich bin heute noch dankbar, wenn ich mit meinen Buddies zusammen in die Berge fahren kann und es ist immer schön mit Gleichgesinnten eine gute Zeit zu haben, mal davon abgesehen, dass man dadurch auch was für die Umwelt und gleichzeitig für den Geldbeutel tut. Darum ist go-shred the way to go!!!!"
Sven Küenle - FreeskiPro
"I really think that go-shred is a great thing for people who don't have an own car and so they can't go shredding every weekend. They just sign up on and their problem is solved. And they do something to protect our environment as well...:) I just love the whole idea about it."
Simon Pircher - SnowboardPro
"Die Jungs von haben die perfeckte Lösung gefunden um ohne große Komplikationen mit Freunden in die Berge zu fahren und Spaß zu haben! Bei allen Parkopenings und Events mit einem prallgefüllten Auto voller shredfreudiger Kids am Start zu sein verdient definitv RESPECKT! :)"
Markus Eder - freeskiPro
"No matter if you have a car with free spaces for travel buddies or no car and wanna go snowboarding but don't know how to get there... brings them all together! Thumbs up!"
Nicola Thost - livin snowboard legend
"go-shred is the future! Protect our environment, meet new people and shred for less money! That should be the attitude of everybody. That’s the way of!"
Torge Nagel- Skier from Hamburg City
"go-shred is just sick! You meet new people, coming to each spot without having a licence and save the nature. I LIKE !!!"
Felix Georgii - ProSnowboarder
"Back in the days, when I din`t have a drivers license and lived about 150km from the mountains, I kind of had the same idea... I found out during the week, which one of the older guys had their parents car for the weekend to go snowboarding and I snaked a ride with them. If only I would have been more business concious when I was 16, I would be worth billions right now, just like those "go-shred"-guys with their gold chains, big trucks, hot chicks and fancy pants! Way to go boys!!!"
René Biedenkap - ProSnowboarder
"When I was young, with no driver’s license and no car, I always dreamed about something like go-shred to be able to go to the mountains. Right now, go-shred is here and gives us and all the shredders a chance to go to the snow on a easy and ecological way. So please spread the news in the world and give some support and love to!"
Pacome Allouis / Marketing Director / Electric Visual Europe
„go-shred is just a great idea to get to know new people that share the same passion as you do – as a nice gimmick you do something good for the environment. Perfect !!!“
Fabio Studer - ProSkier
"Most cars have at least five seats. Petrol is fucking expensive and if we still wanna shred on snow in the future, we should avoid burning fossils. Just three of hundreds of reasons for go-shred together!"
Matthias Mayr - ProSkier
"go-shred is a good opportunity for snowboarders to come together and the idea behind this project speaks for itself...good job guys!!!"
Dominik Wagner - ProSnowboarder
without words !!!
Mason Aguirre - Pro Snowboarder
"goooo-shreeeed! That´s awesome! Such a great opportunity to go ride together, make new shred buddies, save money and help to reduce emissions!! "
Conny Bleicher - ProSnowboarder
"no joke, it’s a fucking nice idea! It’s perfect for meeting new people, girls, ladyboys and many many more… Cheap and good for the nature and the guys from go-shred make really good coffee … Peace out, enjoy go-shred!!!"
Flo Achenrainer alias Anus - shredder an shaper from Serfaus
" is a super good idea for Kids without a drivers licensce and everybody else who has no car or just no buddys with some free time for snowboarding. And its also good for the nature! And especially for us is it important to be kind to the nature. I just say Global warming...! Thanks for such a good idea :)"
Basti Rittig - ProSnowboarder
"just love the idea of sharing the same motivation, people just want to go out there into the nature & mountains! some got the possibilities of using a car, others don't - so helping them is great, besides for sure helping nature aswell! :) weehaa - happy days!"
Marc Swoboda - Snowboard Pro
"the whole concept is super easy and in the same way super helpful for a few things! people can shred together, they will have a good talk in the car about snow, safe money and at the same time help mother nature! I’m stoked that things like this are on! thx"
René Schnöller -ProSnowbaorder-
" !!! ... It is such a wonderful idea and a great opportunity to meet new people with the same passion. Let´s think green together !!!“ photographer: Daniel Zangerl
Aline Bock - ProSnowboarder
"...sweet thing! So no more excuses, now there is always a way to get some runs in! Off the couch lazy asses !"
Xaver Hoffmann - german living legend -
"I'm really stoked on the concept. You save money, its better for the environment and its a good oppurtunity to make friends."
Elias Elhardt - ProSnowboarder -
"i wish i had the opportunity when i was younger! just the right time you guys come up with the whole go-shred thing!!"
Lars Oesterle - oldschool PIRATE & HOTZONE.TV teammanager -
„I think its a really good idea. You meet new people, save money and help to reduce exhaust fumes… Save mother nature! Simon says:!!!“
Simon Holzknecht - Arlberg Shreder -
„...great idea, it`s for everybody with or without a drivers license. I’m sure that everybody should give a try. It also improves the snowboard community. You can meet new friends and new shredbuddys. It’s so eco friendly that john lennon surely would like it!“
Daniel Rajcsanyi - Will shredn wer faehrt? -
"In my opinion it is such a great idea! Last year i would be so happy about something like that- belive me I had many travel problems with no driving licence. Now I have it and I am gonna use this page for sure sometimes!"
Thomas Feurstein -upcoming shredstar -
"...counteract the global warming, go shred with some new dudes, meet the love of your life and kiss her straight in the car. it´s just good!..."
Yannick Simon - Editor - PLAYBOARD MAGAZINE
"...super idea!!!! Why didn`t somebody come up with it earlier! It`s easy, cheap and helps to reduce the emisssion...."
Hardy Tunnissen - Volcom Sales Manager AUT/GER -
".... the best way to go shred! It's cheap and economical ... "
Nina V. Holzapfel - Sales Rep.: Analog, Anon, Gravis, ZKHT -