#3 I GAME of go-shred I Backyards Snowpark I 2022

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All good things are 3. Last Saturday our GAME went down at Backyards Snowpark at Brandnertal, right at the beginning of Vorarlberg. It was our third time we hosted a GAME of go-shred at Brandnertal. Even if the actual time makes event productions not so easy, we found a way with Brandnertaler Bergbahen to run this event. 

Salomon Snowboards TESTSTATION

When we arrived on Friday morning with our event stuff at the Palüd gondola, we were friendly welcomed by Hans the gondola supervisor who already knew us from the past years. With a huge smile and the typical Vorarlberger accent we quickly realized, nothing has changed and we were good to go for transport. When finishing the transport and arriving at the snowpark, we were warmly welcome by the shaper boys. And what’s to do in a snowpark? Yes, right. Lapping till the lift was closed. 

throw a ski stick

Everything was stowed and prepared for the next day, so we could go down the hill to our accommodation to enjoy the rest of the day. We were housed in the Walliserhof were we had everything you need to relax and to let your soul lean back. Wonderful SPA, great food and a gentle service. 

Speed chasing

The next day, it was event day. We arrived at 9 at the park, pulled up our installation and the Salomon Snowboards TESTSTATION, so we could start with the registration at 11 am. We were blessed with magical weather, blue sky, bright sunshine and 10 cm of fresh snow. After a while the first people showed up to register. With over 30 participants we were satisfied to be back after a two-year break. Meanwhile the competitors did the different challenges, the shapers prepared the BBQ so everybody could use it and grill their own stuff. What a feature. An open BBQ for everybody free to use. 

Happy SHRED couple

We couldn’t be happier to see so many people being part of the GAME. The youngest, a self-confident girl was around 8 and the oldest was the father of one of the young rippers from the park with 47 years. So, all in all nearly 40 years of riding were part of the GAME. At around 3.30pm we did the price giving ceremony and could over nearly the half of all the participants worthwhile prices from Volcom, Stance, Arcade and Salomon Snowboards.

Julia ready for price giving
Snowboard ADULTS
Snowboard PROS

We want to say thank you to all the participants, to Brandnertaler Bergbahnen, to the Shaper crew and to all our supporters from the Industry, who make this event format possible. THX Volcom, Skatehalle Innsbruck, Salomon Snowboards and Method Magazine. 

If you want to be part of our last GAME, come to Steibis Snowpark and get stoked.