go-shred GIVES BACK I tree grates

What has been important to us from the very beginning of the go-shred GIVES BACK project is transparency: What happens, how much happens and why we do all the things we do.

Max Zebe, FAM MEM and Martin, our CEO, have rolled up their sleeves, cleared the weeds, cleared up and, of course, enjoyed a sunset or two on the go-shred property! 

But what have they created now that is presentable?


What follows is a little excursion into the go-shred gardening tips! A „tree grate“ is defined as the ground around the lower end of a tree trunk. As you can see in the following photos, the two have used stones to demarcate the tree slice. Leaves and branches are used to protect this area, as the roots make it difficult for other plants to grow. The two’s work has the advantage that moisture is stored in the soil in a more concentrated way, the leaves can release nutrients to the roots as they decompose, and the cuttings around the trunk provide natural sun protection. 

Over the last week, the go-shred team have been planning some further steps and making arrangements with the relevant tradesmen. We will keep you informed and count on your support, as it is essential for the success of this project!