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Due to COVID19, we recommend, like in the public transport to wear face masks to cover mouth and nose.

For over 12 years of driving we’ll continue to reward those who invest time and energy to share their rides! Doing something good for the environment, help people to get to the SPOT, safe money for more shred trips and meet new people are reasons why we start another go-shred lottery! 

With friendly support from Salomon Snowboards we raffle a Louif Paradise snowboard in 155 amongst all those who share their ride!

Hop over to our facebook group to take part …


  1. POST your RIDE OFFER – or RIDE REQUEST in the go-shred fb group
  2. Use the new RULES #hashtags for better search 
  3. LIKE the cover picture of the go-shred fb group

Winner will be announced on our blog end of October 2021.