SPEZI – Das Original

We’re stoked, hyped and really honored to have the most traditional Spezi as our partner. Spezi – Das Original was launched in 1978 as the first mix of Cola & Orange flavor back in Augsburg from brewery Riegele. Meanwhile a lot of imitations were thrown on the market like Paulaner Spezi, Schwip Schwap, Mezzo Mix, which is obviously planing to enter offensively the „Spezi market“ as a new sponsor of the football club Bayern München. Even recently, a few new soft drink companies still try to get a piece of the Spezi hype like „Mischmasch“ or the Austrian mixture „ spezi.at„. But nothing can beat the ORIGINAL.

It’s a sign, it’s a tradition, it’s the ORIGINAL which supports go-shred since over 10 years. We’re pleased to have such a loyal partner who covers our back for so many times.

Thank you to everybody involved in Spezi – Das Original for the trust and „Saft“.