BOWL HOUSE skateboard contest at Skatehalle Innsbruck

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We’re living in wild times. Indoor events are a big challenge to organize. Access regulations change from day to day. You have to handle security concepts, entrance specifications and on top of all this, you need to find a way to minimize all kind of expansive cause nothing is like before. 

Luckily there’s a strong will to do at least what’s possible no matter how fucked up the situation is. With the help of Ride in Pleasure skateboarding Innsbruck club, the Skatehalle Innsbruck, blue-tomato shop Innsbruck and Xdouble, we could afford a minimum to make those happy who fulfilled the characteristics to enter the Skatehalle. 

Pippo opens up the BOWL HOUSE

Kris bluntin

As I mentioned in an IG post earlier, we’re sad not to be able to integrate everybody in our BOWL HOUSE contest due to the official regulations from the government but there’s no way that we stop to push the SHRED. We minimized our costs and we swear you as soon as we find a way to do another contest, where everybody can take part, we do it. For this we saved the same amount of price money, as we had this time and hope to get the chance to make you and us happy next time. Please let’s stay together and tolerate each other.

Georg highspeed bs smith

Santino backside disaster

Last Saturday a small group, boys and girls of Skateboarders entered the Skatehalle Innsbruck. Atmosphere was different than all the other years before but everybody was down to have a BOWL HOUSE contest. After the registration we started a session without judges or better said, we agreed to run a rider judged JAM Session. Everybody tried its best and even if the starter field was small, I felt the progress from the participants compared to the last contest. After 90 minutes session we stopped and took some fresh air. Untypically to all the other events from back in the days, there were no drinks, no food, no music just raw skateboarding. But this is what keeps us alive. 

Marcel fakie air

one single girl took part, but ripping as HELL (who knows the name, pls dm us on insta)

We had quick riders meeting, where all riders decided to split the prizemoney under all the participants. I’m very proud of all of you cause in this hard times we have to stick together. Just saying, if we take in consideration the historical timeline of all major conflicts, we will get the prove that forcing somebody to do something, will never bring peace and harmony, only fear and hate. Let’s do it better this time …

Thank you skateboarding and to all our supporters. Skatehalle Innsbruck, blue-tomato, Xdouble and Ride in Pleasure skateboarding Innsbruck club!!!