Cooperation announcement I SALOMON SNOWBOARDS X

Rumors are coming to an end. Yes, it’s true. Salomon Snowboards is from now on fully involved into the go-shred community and from my side I’m fully involved in Salomon Snowboards. The hype is REAL

go-shred LOTTERY I together with SALOMON SNOWBOARDS we reward those who do ECO TRAVEL

I’ll give you three reasons, why I’m so hyped to be with Salomon. If you wanna know, continue to read and enjoy the ride through some historical moments in my life. 

First one: 

Over 25 years ago, when I decided to buy my first freestyle snowboard, at that point living in Munich, I bought a Salomon Snowboard 300. That season there was this series of boards with numbers. If I’m right it was like 300, 400 and 500 marked on the board. Each number was probably a different shape but certainly a different kind of flex. So, I’m very excited to be back on the board which I rode at the very beginning of my snowboarding career or better when my life changed, because of snowboarding. 

Second one:

About 20 years ago, after my stay in Munich I moved to Stuttgart, where I run pretty quick into guys from the local skate scene, because skateboarding was omnipresent at Stuttgart and has always been a very important part of my life. Those skateboard homies connected me with the most iconic boardshop I ever witnessed, the so-called Hall Eleven. After a few visits at Hall Eleven, a few beers, a few skate sessions, the owner asked me if I need a job and if I could imagine to start working with them. I was hyped and started end of 2000. We had rad times in the early 2000, just before the €uro was introduced in Europe. Skate- and Snowboarding was at its zenith and we sold stuff like fresh bread to all kind of people. In this time, there were a few colleagues but with one of them, I was more connected than others. I come back to this scenario because this guy I’m talking about, came to me 20 years later and asked me if I could imagine to start working with him. And here we go. That’s the reason why I start from now on to sell Salomon Snowboards in Austria. Hyped

Third reason:

Since I founded go-shred in 2009 I was always looking for an outstanding hardware brand, who would stay behind the go-shred concept, the related ideals and my will to push all those, who I call “lifeblood shredders”. And finally, after the 13th seasons Salomon Snowboards is the brand who afford the values, the experience and the background to push it to the next level. So, let’s drive together to the next level of SHRED!!!

KAUNERTAL OPENING I VISIT from SALOMON BOYS (Flo Corzelius, Sebi Springeth, Alex Taferner)

Till know, we visited all the major glacier openings for presenting the new range of boards & bindings. Homies, customers, friends from the industry, Salomon athletes, everybody was stoked to hear the news. Mid September, we run our first go-shred lottery since COVID hit the planet with the Louif Paradise pro model from the Hillside project collection developed in Zillertal, together with Wolle Nyvelt. The board is a high-quality construct with a timeless design! Just for all those who like to keep it classy. And, last but not least we had a Salomon Snowboard Assassin & a pair of Highlander bindings as the main GIVE-AWAY during our GAME of go-shred at Kaunertal, first week-end of November. The winners couldn’t believe their eyes and were hooked as hell. 

Stubaitaler Opening I Visit from Sven Thorgren
GAME of go-shred I Kaunertal I SALOMON SNOWBOARDS for the winner

I could continue to tell you what’s planned, what kind of projects we’re launching but for now I’ll say: Stay tuned to our communication channels and hungry for more to come.

Major shout outs to everybody involved!!!