Nordkette Skyline Park VIDEO COMPETITION

We want your best line from top to bottom at the Nordkette Skyline Park. You have the whole month of January 22 to film your line. Everybody can take part: Women and men, Skiers, Snowboarders, advanced and pro riders. Everything can be included in your line. Flat tricks, rails, kickers, rock jibs, hand plants, etc. but please make sure you got at least 3 tricks in it. 
Please send your clip to and we’ll share it on the Nordkette Skyline Park INSTAGRAM account. 
There’s a 50-50 judging. 50% coming from a judging crew and 50% of the numbers of LIKES you get for your clip on the IG account. Please make sure you send your clip till midnight 31st of January 22 to 

For the winners, we got tons of stuff from Volcom, hardware from Salomon Snowboards, shopping vouchers from blue-tomato and some specials from our mobility partner Dosenberger.

For further information, check the fb event.