Salomon Snowboards TESTSTATION I Nordkette Skyline Park

It was a great day! Last Saturday, beside the Kick off of our GAME of go-shred TOUR we had our first Salomon Snowboards TESTSTATION. We’re overwhelmed to see so many people loving Salomon Snowboards. Within 4 hours we gave over 30 boards out to all kind of Shredders. Due to the Park and the steep slopes you have at Nordkette we brought our two near boards. The riders choice for the park, the NEW Abstract which is a unisex board replaces the Vilain and the Gypsy and is designed by Desiree Melancon. Our second new board, The Hihgpath is as well a unisex board for all mountain riding. Beside those two new freshies we had the all time classic Dancehall with us, Freestyle & Backcountry high performance Assassin, the new Wolle Nyvelt fish and last but not least the No Drama as the main preference in the category lady Park board.

Thank you to Maurice & Flo who made every customer happy. Great job boys!!!

If you couldn’t make it this time to the board test, there’s another going down on 26th of February at Bachyards Snowpark I Brandnertal.

Loves the old Dancehall & wann try the new Dancehall
Dancehall baby
Everybody loves the Dancehall
the Abstract is always a good choice
The Abstract is for girls & boys
No Drama for the girls & Assassin for the boys
boys wanna have fun ! Salomon Snowboards makes it happen.
the Abstract for the park and the Wolle Nyvelt Fish for carving & powder
Seems like he loves the Fish