#2 I GAME of go-shred I Snowpark Damüls I 2022

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Last Saturday, the GAME of go-shred took place at Vorarlberg in Damüls. If I’m right our first GAME at Damüls took place in 2017. Since half of a decade we’re going to Snowpark Damüls and one thing is for sure, it feels like coming home. 

FAM MEM Paul Eller I highest Olli

The manager, the shapers and the locals of Damüls are like sunshine for our soul. Once you’re in the park you can feel the family vibe, the positive attitude and that everybody loves to shred. No matter if you’re with your homies or just on a single mission, everybody is celebrating with you, once you’re on your board or on your ski.

Snowpark Manager Thomas Alton I bbqing

Last Saturday, first the weather was a little uncomfortable but once we finished the registration and just before the start of the GAME, the sun came out and we were good to go. With seven groups of 5 different categories, it was great to see so many motivated people. Everybody had good fun to compete or better to try the different challenges. No matter, if it was the highest Ollie, the fastest duckwalk or the Skatehalle Innsbruck Snowskate Award, everybody was hyped to be part of the GAME. 

Right on time, at 1.30pm the responsible, founder and manager of the park Thomas showed up to start the BBQ. Nothing better than a hot sausage and cool drink while having good times with like-minded people. 

At 3pm, GAMEs final came to an end and all the members of the group were curious to start the price giving ceremony. With prices from Volcm, Stance, Giro and Salomon Snowboards, everybody had a huge smile in their face and was stoked of a great day in the Snowpark Damüls.

Winners I boys I SNB
Winners I boys I SKI
Winners I men I SKI
Winners I youth I SNB
Winners I ladies I SNB
Winners I men I SNB

I want to say thank you to Snowpark Damüls, to Damüls Faschina, to Volcom, Salomon Snowboards, Skatehalle Innsbruck and Method Snowboard Magazine for supporting our mission.

We’re pleased to run our GAME of go-shred in such a traditional freestyle resort. See you next time, can’t wait to be back.