#4 I GAME of go-shred I Steibis Snowpark I 2022

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(Text by Tobi Hartmuth, Video by Marcus Westphal, pictures by Evelin Buhmann)

Finally – after 2 years of Corona-caused cancellation, we were finally able to check out Steibis Snowpark in southern Germany. Ever since the Snowpark was established by Tajo Seefried about 12 years ago, it was the training ground that produced some excellent rail riders like our go-shred homie Wolfi Natterer and Marco Hornauer. A short park with 7 rail features in line, a lift just with the same length, which allows you to have 15 runs an hour. Perfect for a stop of our GAME of go-shred Tour. 

RIDERS meeting

Steibis is a small resort on the first elevation of alps. It’s close to the popular vacation town Oberstaufen and part of the 3-Täler seasonpass and therefore an interesting destination for shredders from Vorarlberg and the Bodensee region. 

Arne I TEAM Schwaben I first time back in the park since 2 years

On Saturday march 5th 2022 we were able to check out the park ourselves. Perfect weather with sunshine and 5° Celsius, a perfectly groomed park and almost 50 participants made it a debut to remember. 

new, challenge, new experience, new feeling = excitement
gues who’s back ???

Park manager Kili (@kleinanzeigenkili), his two shapers Nick (@dirty_y_nick) and Dominik (@dominikmatt_) and the locals made sure, everything was on point. They helped out with the accommodation in the beautiful Hotel Waldsee, the tickets, to set up the venue and at the same time shredded themselves the whole time!

Park marketing I Killi

We had 8 groups of 6 to 8 participants challenging each other in 5 different games. It’s not about being the best snowboarder or skier because we have a huge variety of tasks you have to complete. So we even had 2 kids groups with a total of 15 kids competing for prices from our sponsors Salomon Snowboards, Volcom, Stance and Arcade. 

SHRED friends

We started the GAME of go-shred at 12 o’clock and opened up our Spezi-Das Original Softdrink deposit to keep competitors and visitors hydrated. It just feels good to drink out of a glass bottle.

Spezi – Das Original

Things got heated at the Skatehalle Innsbruck Snowskate Game and the Highest Ollie right away. After one hour our helpful shapers fired up the BBQ. Thanks to the local butcher Metzger Giray we had local sausages as well as vegan and vegetarian sausages for our hotdogs. BBQ and drinks as well as Meckatzer beer were free for everyone. 

time for a BBQ with Spezi – Das Original

After three hours of fun and games it was time to wrap up the game, hand in the result sheets and start with the price giving. We had nice price packages from our sponsors Volcom, Salomon, Stance and Arcade for the first 3 of every category. The winner of the Snowboard Pro category Felix Pfleiderer went home with a brand new Salomon Dancehaul Snowboard. The winner of the Snowboard advanced category went home with some brand new Salomon Snowboard boots. The winners of ski the groups went home with high quality Salomon Goggles.

Winners Kids group 1
Winners KIDS group 2
Winners SKI group intermediate

After the price giving the shapers switched the lift back on until the sun set behind the hills of Oberstaufen at half past 5 and many took the chance to make some extra laps. The locals were stoked about the amount of people that showed up and the snowboarders and skiers were stoked about the park and to meet so many friends and homies after such a long time …

Winners SKI PRO

Winners SNB intermediate

Winners SNB PRO

One thing is sure: We’ll be back!

Thanks to Snowpark Steibis and the Steibis Ski resort for the great support. It’s great to Thanks to Kili, the shapers and homies that helped out on location. And thanks to every single of the participants and everyone that showed up that day. We really appreciate your support.