KEEP Alpspitz Park Nesselwang OPEN

(pictures by Peter Tplg @mvsrvm)

Perhaps you may have heard from the action?!? Did you?

Nesselwang, a small wintersport resort in the south of Germany with a great snowpark wanted to shut down the lift because the regular tourism season is over. But due to the highly motivated park designer Tim Gärtner and our event manager Tobi Hartmuth we could convince the management to give it a try again. They agreed that if there more than 20 shredders coming on wednesday 2pm for shredding the park they would rethink their decision. The whole shred media put all its communication skills together and motivated the scene in combination with free Spezi – Das Original for everybody as long as stocks last to come to Nesselwang and show them, that there’s a will to SHRED.

I just received the news from Tobi, that yesterday there were over 100 shredders and more than 1000 lifts done while enjoying the park. What a success. Great to see the SHRED SCENE is alive. Hopefully there’s more of this common action in the future. Thank you snowboarding & skiing!!!