PENKEN BINGO I Full report I 2022

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Last Saturday we had the honor to run our fifth PENKEN BINGO at one of the best snowpark in Austria. Penken Park in Mayrhofen got a long freestyle tradition and attract the international freestyle scene from whole Europe. Same as our PENKN BINGO do. 

concentration at the START

We arrived on Friday, transported our stuff to the top of the Horbergbahn, were a snowcat was waiting for us to get all our event setup to the park base.

As usual the Setup for the contest the next day was looking great. Similar to a slopestyle course, the park crew set up a slide zone with a flat rail and a bigger kicker for the pro level and a tube and a small kicker for the intermediate level. We were hyped to see this awesome setup on which we could perfectly run the PENKEN BINGO. 

PENKEN BINGO I intermediate kicker

The next day, Saturday morning we arrived at 9.00 at the park and started to pull up our installation. Almost ready we already had the first inscriptions of motivated riders. Step by step more and more riders registered to the contest and finally at 12 o’clock we had 48 participants from 5 different nations. WOW what a huge starter field. 

judges at work
PENKEN BINGO pro line kicker

While the athletes were battling for BINGOS, we fired up the BBQ to make sure that all the participants get food and drinks after the hard work they put in to get some bingos. After 2 and a half hours, the session was done and everybody enjoyed the sun, the warm temperatures, the barbeque and a could drink. At 3.30 we started the price giving ceremony with tons of prices from our partners from the industry. We brought prices from Deeluxe, Union, Salomon Snowboards, Volcom, Transform gloves and Zur Blüte. As far as we can see, everybody was happy and stoked about the PENKEN BINGO and we can’t wait to be back in such a highly professional park. 

more winners

BIG THANK YOU to Mayrhofner Bergbahnen for having us for the fifth time, although big shout outs to Greenroom, Gasthof Zillertal and Zur Blüte for pushing the shred together with us. We wish you a good start into the new week and if you like our events, there’s more to find on our website in the event agenda. 

STOKED winner