go-shred SEASON ENDER at Nordkette Skyline Park I Innsbruck 

Saturday, 23rd of April we celebrated the end of a glorious season at Nordkette Skyline Park, the closest park to a city worldwide. Or do you know a snowpark who is closer to the city center than Innsbruck? If, yes please let me know. 

Arriving Saturday morning to pull up our installation, we were already completely hyped. This morning glory, no matter which activity you start with it’s always breathtaking. When at the bottom of the snowpark we had a few minutes to appreciate the morning silence and time to reflect how lucky we are with such a great park, shaper and marketing team cause the best terrain is nothing worth when you don’t have the crew behind who organizes and handle the business and everything you have to do to run such a great park.

setup in the morning
FAM MEM Lorenz Vyslozil celebrating with us

Saturday, 23rd of April, closing day of the Nordkette Skyline Snowpark, our goal was to enjoy the day, rethink and honor the great days we all had during the season in this park. We brought our BBQ and a few high-quality brews from the brewery of our confidence Brauhaus Riegele and some music. Every memorial ceremony is better with BBQ and drinks and it’s even better when everything is for free. Is not that we don’t need to generate some money but the go-shred philosophy is more about giving back something to the community than trying to make maximum profit of all those who give their last skirt for shredding. The ambiance was hilarious what explained that we didn’t see time passing. While shredding, chatting and laughing, we had the best of our times.

At this point we want to say thank you to Nordkette, who’s always open for all our ideas, for support and for doing their best to make shredders happy. Not to forget all our partners who covers the back of go-shred and make those kind of happenings possible.

Thank you XDouble, Salomon Snowboards, Zur Blüte and Autohaus Dosenberger

We wish you all great spring and summer time and can’t wait to see you again wherever you shred.

Thank you Nordkette for having us