SUMMERJAM I Skatehalle Innsbruck I 2022

Probably close to the 10th Summerjam we organized in Innsbruck, we are beyond stoked about how it went down.

Saturday 30th of July, we celebrated another SUMMERJAM in the Skatehalle of Innsbruck. About 70 motivated people came by to have fun on their skateboard and on their bmx. We started at 1 p.m. with the registration and could begin with the challenges around 3 p.m.. Luckily the Skatehalle is open every damn day till 10 at night which is the reason we’re never in the rush when we run a SUMMERJAM in the Skatehalle Innsbruck. 

We prepared 3 different challenges to get all our guests out of their comfort zone. Somebody may think, what’s wrong with those go-shred guys, but hey we know and you know the feeling of trying something and stomping something you never did before. And that’s the main reason we always try to do something challenging everybody. 

Beside the FREE BBQ with fright onions and Bosna powder, we had drinks and adult lemonades. All our guests, coming from Italy, Germany, Vorarlberg, Florida (United States), Slovenia were totally hyped from the biggest indoor Skatepark in the German speaking area, from the contes format and for sure from all the goodies we had for the lucky winners. 

Thank you to all our supporters: Volcom, blue-tomato, Vans, Girls skateboard, Almost Skateboards, Real Skateboards, Unity skateboards and Krooked skateboards and not to forget the city of Innsbruck.

Big Ups although go out to Mike, the Portier who helped us where he could, Peter Mader the filmer of the day and the go-shred FAMily MEMbers Lorenz Vyslozil, Moritz Amsüss and Leon Gütl, who were the helping hands all day long.  

We want to say thank you aswell to all our guests who came by to have a good time with us. We can let you know already, that we have some plans for more JAMs during the rest of the year. Keep your eyes open and for sure we’ll keep you posted.

Winner pictures: