NEW go-shred merchandise I the SHRIMP

Sharing the passion for SHRED since 2009, screen printing was always and will always be a part of this movement. Having the conviction that everybody can be creative, go-shred is pushing people to show what they love and to do what’s possible or seems impossible.

Here, I describe the process of screen printing the go-shred SHRIMP, designed by FAMily MEMber Moritz Amsüss. There’re only a few shirts and hoodies on this planet for those who appreciate the real creativity from those who shred. Thank you all for being part of this process.

Together FAMily MEMber Moritz Amsüss & me developed this new design. At one point the shrimp jumped into my eye while sunbathing at the beach in Portugal/Algarve. I’m a big fan of shrimps, cause I really like shrimp cocktails and grilled garlic shrimps. I saw this shrimp on an umbrella and just thought, let’s take a picture and do something with it. Several reason came into my head, why it totally would make fun to combine it with the go-shred lettering. But certainly because I really love shrimps.

Mama of the go-shred SHRIMP

When back home I called Moritz and talked to him about the project. As an open personality and a creative mind, he was motivated to have a look at the picture and promised to come back to me if he had an idea how to handle the shrimp.

creative master mind FAMily MEMber Moritz Amsüss

After a few weeks or better month i think, my phone received a message from Moritz and it was his first draft. The go-shred SHRIMP was born.

When getting the first draft, FAMily MEMber Max Zebe and me were in Portugal/down south and were pretty hyped to see the result and how it turned out. This was Summer 2021.

Max & me chillin in a camper at Boa Vida Club.

After a little while and a few chats, Moritz decided to change some details before the preparation for finishing the whole project could start.

It took me a while to get everything prepared, ordering the textile, blanc hoodies and t-shirts. But then, finally I was ready to print.

printing is art, they say

After the stuff was printed, next step was to take pictures for the and to make the logistics ready for the sale. Luckily my good friend and manager of the Skatehalle Innsbruck, Fabio is always on point to support those kind of ideas. Long story short, here we go with the go-shredSHRIMP. Designed by Moritz, approved by Max and realized by me. Not to forget, first time represented on the planet, down in New Zealand by FAM MEM Leon Gütl.

This is what I would call FAMily business.

Here you go with a little preview of what’s available at

Leon & the go-shred SHRIMP in New Zealand (picture by Annika Morgan)
picture by Fabio Cracolici
picture by Fabio Cracolici
picture by Fabio Cracolici