RECAP: 37th KTO 2022 – powered by Monster Energy

FAM MEM Paul Eller having FUN in the SUN

Legendary start into the new Snowpark Kaunertal season with „Bluebird days“ and the usual „back on snow“ Kaunertal flair of the international snowboard and freeski scene.

Last weekend the time had come: With best conditions and 2 days of sunshine the Snowpark Kaunertal opened the park with part one of the legendary KTO. Once again a huge session program was offered with 2.500,– € prize money at the Jib’n’Playground terrace setup as well as an adequate and enormously fun open park setup at the Ferner T-bar lift. The international jib scene was again united and showed phenomenal performances from the first to the last minute of the Cash4Trick sessions. 37th KTO part 1 – actually epic again. 

Part one of this year’s Kaunertal Opening Series was an absolutely positive surprise for all involved and couldn’t have gone better. In ever-popular „slushy conditions“ the Open Park at the Ferner lift was perfectly prepared for a first shred day and currently offers with over 13 obstacles, such as Rainbow Industry, 9 m Down Industry, 9 m Curved Industry and many more, an absolutely varied fall setup with short laps on the sunny t-bar lift. At the Jib’n`Playground directly at the restaurant terrace the numerous sessions with over 2.500,– Euro prize money took place as usual and it was again the special „arena scenery“ and exuberant atmosphere from the first to the last „Cash4Trick Session“, which remains absolutely positive in memory. 

Sane Snowboards Opening Session, Völkl Ski Session on Saturday 

HOMIE Senna van Drunen killin it

As „Grande Opening Session“ the SANE! Cash for Trick Session with 1.000,– € prize money offered the big „jib fireworks“. Whether Fabi Fraidls legendary „one-footer“ or extremely fast „spins“ of Paul Eller, the level was phenomenal. With the Dutchman Senna von Drunen, however, one rider was able to ride himself enormously into the limelight and thus absolutely deservedly secured the „Ruler of the day“ check of the SANE! Session. At the Völkl Ski Session powered by Prime Skiing, Noah Strack picked up a brand new Völkl ski and the „Ruler of the day“ title.

HOMIE Noah Strack made a dream come true I he won all the Ski Awards

The beginning of a new session era at KTO – Snowskate / Skate Session

SNOWSKATE Sesh presented by XDouble

The brand new combo Skate & Snowskate Session powered by X-Double and Ambition Snowskates was simply legendary. Rarely before you could feel the togetherness of this scene as strong as at this new combo session. The tricks were celebrated together and the boards were shared among each other. There was an absolutely unique atmosphere at this sundown session. With 2 teenagers being awarded as „Ruler of the Sessions“, the outcome couldn’t be more perfect. The 11 year old „Umay“ from Freiburg showed the boys their limits on the new mini ramp and was massively celebrated. Also at the following snowskate session another teenager put on the „Ruler of the day crown“ with Jakob Peter. With Ambition Snowskates and X-Double Innsbruck is already working on a continuation 2023. Cool KTO add on, we think.

Downdays Session mit Dan „the man“ Hanka, Shred Unit girls only Session on sunday


None other than Dan Hanka was the host of the Dowdays session on sunday, where there were 2 „Ruler of the Sesh“. Because of the so balanced levels, Dan Hanka and speaker Martin Misof decided to share this title with Florian Pale and Noah Strack. It continued with another KTO classic. Shred Unit Girls Only Cash4Trick Session is the only „girls only“ session of all fall park openings and the snowboarders keep pushing themselves to new levels. Tinka Droppovje won the 200,– Eivy voucher and therefore also the title „Ruler of the day“ among the girls.

Finally, the Templeton „Get your last cash“ session gave the opportunity to take home some Cash4Trick Euros. Here really all riders mixed, from snowskaters to the „young guns“ freeskiers and snowboarders – all together they shared the Jib’n’Skate Playground and finally partied into the late afternoon.

With the 37th KTO weekend the park is opened and is available to you freshly shaped daily. On November 19/20 the second part of the 37. Kaunertal Opening series will take place and with the 1st Kaunertal Testival & Snowpark Days an even more extensive offer for everyone will be presented. The focus is on the Testival with over 40 of the hottest brands and the latest products for free testing. On top there will be sessions in the park, side events like Mountain Pumptrack or Yoga Sessions. 

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