Salomon Snowboards TEST I 2022

Winter season just kicked in and we’re beyond stoked to continuing to work with one of the most traditional winter sport brands out here. Since more than 70 years in the game, producing snowboards, boots and bindings over 25 years, Salomon was founded in Annecy in the French Alps and is still pushing boundaries to improve technical and comfort categories of their products. Btw, although the snowboard sport in general, cause Salomon got one of the sickest or even the sickest TEAM out there. 

We had so much great feedback during our first test of the season at the first glacier Opening at Hintertux, that we can feel the euphory and energy Georges Salomon invested back in the days, when founded this world leading winter sport brand in 1942.

With unique inventions like the “STR8JKT BOA” technology, which you find in some of the premium boots or the incomparable „ShadowFit“. ShadowFit heelcup provides a natural connection between your binding and boots for enhanced performance and comfort. Another advantages of this heelcup is the even distribution of pressure points. If you don’t know what I mean or if you don’t trust this kind of technology, there’re several ways to find out. 

First and easiest way is, to join us at the Stubaitaler glacier next weekend end, 5th & 6th of November for another Salomon Snowboards test or you scroll through the Instagram account of Bode Merrill, where you can find some first-hand recommendations with PRO confirmation of Sven Thorgrem. 

Salomon Snowboard Test I Hintertux Glacier

For now, enough techtalk, but if you need more info, feel free to chat with us on the glacier or to write @bodemerrill, cause he likes “talking gear”.