HALLOWEEN JAM I Skatehalle Innsbruck 

Exactly one week ago we ago we celebrated another HALLOWEEN JAM presented by RIDE IN PLEASURE skateboarding innsbruck in the Skatehalle Innsbruck. Celebrating Halloween is an American tradition like skateboarding.

Perhaps this common ground is a reason why Halloween and skateboarding got such a strong connection. Like in many other sports categories, most of the times America is leader and pioneer in terms of trends and what’s possible and what’s not. In case of Halloween X skateboarding we just like the idea of skateboarding in a costume and to do it in a different atmosphere than usually. The Skatehalle Innsbruck with the support of XDouble the oldest SKATESHOP in town is the perfect scenery to make our own little Halloween ceremony. We can decorate the location as we want, we have the great support of all the employees and not to forget we are weather independent. 

This year we were hyped to see so many youngsters coming to our JAM. They came from Germany, Italy and for sure from Innsbruck and its environment. The kids were fascinated to have their own cinematograph which we engaged to document the JAM. All kids came in spooky costumes and were ready for the horror show. In between filming we alighted our BBQ cause nobody should skate hungry. 

Halloween Winners

This time the young adults were underrepresented, perhaps because they think it’s kind of silly to be dressed in a Halloween costume. But as we know from all around in our society, the adults forget that being a kid sometimes makes you feel really great. 

All in all, we’re pleased to see the next generation coming up and having fun. We stay motivated to continue doing fun skateboarding events for all those who want skateboarding. 

BIG SHOUT OUT to our supporter: Skatehalle Innsbruck, Xdouble, Volcom, blue-tomato and the city of Innsbruck.