go-shred PENKEN BINGO I 2023


Last Saturday, we did what some of us call early bird to be right on time at Penken Park in the famous Zillertal to run our BINGO. Our first Bingo took place in 2018 and we’re pretty stoked to still have the possibility to do it. Penken Park is the most famous snowpark in Tyrol and some people say, the most famous in Austria.

filmed & edited by @adrianformella, beat by @tirolbeats

But who knows and certainly there’s always this subjectivity swing by when you have to do a judgement. As always, nearly everything is combined with subjectivity. But for us, coming to Mayrhofen and running the PENKEN BINGO is always a highlight of the season.

Luckily just the night before the BINGO there was a storm, bringing some fresh snow to the vÄlley. Due to the fresh snow and bad visibility we had to change the format from slopestyle format to a RAIL BINGO. Instead of 8 Kicker and 8 Rail tricks, we had 16 Rail tricks in two different jib zones.

One zone for the advanced riders and one zone for the professionals. All participants were hyped to check out those trick lists we prepared for snowboarder and skiers. A few of the participants were unstoppable. We started a 12:00 and the last athletes finished at 15:00. In between we fired up the barbecue, served some drinks and had some chats. 

All in all, everybody had a good time, learned at least one new trick and went home with a Mayrhofen bag and a goodie. We are blessed to be able to run this contest where everything is made for progression and we want to say thank you to all the participants. We although want to say thank you to Mayrhofener Bergbahnen, to all the Penken Park shaper and cat drivers and last but not least to Patrick from Greenroom in Mayrhofen downtown, who supports us since day one. 

Not to forget our friends from the industry, who supports us with goodies for the lucky winners: Volcom, Stance, Giro and Salomon Snowboards.

Let’s keep the good times rolling and see you at the next go-shred EVENT. Maybe in Germany at one of our GAMEs of go-shred, or at Steinplatte for the STEP IN THE ARENA rail battle or in South Tyrol for the very first OBEREGGEN BINGO. 

Up to you … All events on our website go-shred.com