#4 GAME of go-shred I Steibis Snowpark

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Last Saturday, 4th of March we were at Steibis in the world famous Allgäu for our 4th GAME of go-shred. We’re super happy how everything turned out.

One week before the event date there was no snow and we had to stay patient and waited. While praying for snow every day, our prayers were heard by mother nature or we just had karma on our side. I always say, luck is with the capable. I mean: go-shred is running events since 2010 and in the whole event history we only had to cancel one event due to heavy wind and a closed cable car. Besides this, go-shred has always delivered and will continue to do so. Steibis, you killed it!

Five days before the event Allgäu was hit by a storm and they had just enough snow to reopen the snowpark again and we were capable to run the show.  

On Saturday 4th of March the go-shred crew arrived around 9:00 in the park and joined forces together with the snowpark crew to pull up our installation, decorated the park and were good to go for the registration at 11:00 o’clock. 

Step by step people showed up to register right away or to learn about the format and register after we informed them about the GAME and how everybody is welcome to participate. We had 8 groups of participants, women, men, kids on snowboard and skis. If you don’t know till now, since the beginning of go-shred in 2009 we reach out to all wintersport enthousiasts and brands to join the go-shred movement. 

At 12:00 o’clock we had the riders meeting were we explained the procedure and the rules to everybody and the people were stoked after that. I got one example in my head which especially makes me feel good. My good friend from Stuttgart and shred buddy since nearly 20 years joined the GAME for the first time and told me: “Wow this is genius, I have so much fun and the best, everybody can be part of it, even if you’re not a park shredder.“

This is the greatest feedback for me, cause that’s exactly what I’m always looking for. Bring people together, have a good time, find ways to get playful out of the comfort zone and to show new ways of acting social responsible. Here we go …

At around 15:00 all groups finished the challenges, enjoyed a FREE BBQ (thanks to Metzgerei Giray) and Spezi – Das Original and waited for the price giving ceremony. At 15:30 we had the price giving were nearly half of the participants had prices from our friends from the industry:  Volcom, Stance, Giro, Spezi – Das Original and Salomon Snowboards. The stoke level was high. 

Our 4th GAME of go-shred was a real highlight and it’s heartwarming to see how much love for the SHRED exists in Steibis. Big THANK YOU to the all the participants, the Snowpark Steibis shaper crew, Imbergbahn & Hündlebahn, Volcom, Skatehalle Innsbruck, Salomon Snowboards and Spezi – Das Original. 

Personally I want to say thank you to the whole Volcom crew, Annika, Luka, Nick and Kili for great support all over the whole event. 

And last but not least BIG UPS to Biohotel Berghüs Schratt (@berghues_schratt) for the hospitality.  

Check out all pictures made by talented photographer @evilinbuhman_ and video by the one and only @marcus.westphal.

All pictures for FREE download and for personal use. Please tag @eveilinbuhmann_, @go_shred_com and @steibissnowpark.

Thank you everybody.