go-shred STEP IN THE ARENA I Steinplatte Snowpark I 2023

One highlight follows the other, so Saturday 11th of March, we were for the sixth time at Steinplatte Snowpark. During the last six seasons we had the honor to run all our event formats with the boys from Highfive Snowparks crew. The crew is working professional, is open for new formats and is always down for some action. Thank you for this guys!!!

Last Saturday, we run for the second time our STEP IN THE ARENA contest. It’s a hike and rail contest in form of a jam. The special thing about this format is, that only the best rider of all categories is crowned as the king of the ARENA. There can only be one winner, cause the second winner is already the first looser. At that point I just want to make clear that we’re stoked about every rider who comes to take part at our STEP IN THE ARENA contest, but this format is a pure battle format. Either you win or you loose. All our other formats, be it the GAME of go-shred or the BINGO, there are tons of prices for probably the half of the participants. Only at STEP IN THE ARENA we have no goodies, just cash money for the winner of each category. 

The weather at Steinplatte was pretty mixed. Wind, snowfall, a little bit of rain, flat light, we had everything. But more important we had over 50 riders to battle in the ARENA. Right in time at 12:00 we had the riders meeting and could start the contest right away. First we had qualification heats were the best of each category could qualify for the super finals. In the final only the best rider made to the podium. Logically in terms of contest riding, there’s only one winner!

But not to underestimate the joy and satisfaction of all riders, who had the chance to battle, to improve and to leave their personal comfort zone. For all athletes we had free BBQ & drinks freshly prepared by the one and only BBQ master Robby who’s doing this responsible job since day one!  

I want to say thank you to all participants, to the High Five snowparks crew, to Steinplatte and for sure to the go-shred event crew who did it again. Great job. I wish you a phenomenal rest of the season and perhaps we see each other at one of our last events. There are still 3 more to come. Check out our event agenda and go-shred or stay at home 😉 

Winners women division (SNB & SKI)
Winners of all 4 categories (SNB women & men; SKI women & men)