#5 GAME of go-shred I Crystal Ground I Kleinwalsertal I 2023

Finally, our last GAME of the season 22/23 took place on Saturday, 18th of March at Crystal Ground. Do you know this snowpark in Austria, only accessible by car from Germany?

It’s like a skatepark, with a lot of features, transitions and cozy obstacles for all kind of riding levels. The park exists for 17 years and was basically organized by volontiers over the years. Big ups to everybody involved, because what would the Kleinwalsertal be without a park. 

I know the park from the first day on, but I although have to admit that for nearly 10 years I did not put a food on that ground and therefore all the more pleasing that this year we run our grande GAME season final in this park. On Saturday morning at 9 o’clock we entered the park and started to pull up our installation. In the usual event routine, we finished everything at around 10:15 when the first guests showed up and wanted to register for the GAME.

Officially we start our registration at 11:00 o’clock but as the shredder were motivated to get their name on the starter list, we did what we could to start right away. Step by step more people showed up to take part and it was great to see how much young talent came to shred the park and to play the GAME with us.

At 12:30 we made the riders meeting, explained the rules and the format and started the action. Close to 30 peoples took part and had fun to compete in the different disciplines. Meanwhile the helping hand Josef started the BBQ and all participants could have some food, because no one should go hungry during the GAME.

At around 15:00 o’clock all groups were ready and I could prepare the price giving ceremony. As expected, there were a lot of young guns at the GAME. Luckily Volcom, our partner since day one, is always ready for the good stuff, we organized together prices in kids’ sizes, so that we could be sure to make although the younger generation happy with some goodies. All in all, everybody was stoked about the goodies from Volcom, Salomon Snowboards, the GIRO goggles and not to forget all the Stance socks.

BIG THANK YOU to the Crystal Ground shaper crew who’s doing an incredible job and to all the participants. Fore sure we want to say thank you to our partners, who are supporting our mission: Volcom, Skatehalle Innsbruck and Salomon Snowboards. 

There’s one more contest going down this season at Obereggen Snowpark. So, if you always wanted to see, how the South Tyrolian freestyle scene looks like, get your body up and move on to Obereggen. All info on our website, go-shred.com.