SEASON ENDER I Nordkette Skyline Park I 2023

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Sunday, 23rd of April we celebrated the end of the season at Nordkette Innsbruck.

Going up at 08:15 with the gondola for the employees, we arrived over the roofs of Innsbruck to pull up our installation for the SEASON ENDER. While preparing everything for our guests, there were some rain drops coming down from the sky and we were a little scared about how the weather would turn out for the rest of the day. But luckily one of the shapers, the always smiling Alex had the best news of the day. At one point he told us, that the weather forecast is only getting better instead of getting worse. What a news! Everybody was facilitated. 

At 10:15 we were ready to welcome our first guests and to do some reward runs for the general well-being. Park was perfectly shaped and offered various lines for all kind of shred-level. Step by step, more and more people showed up to celebrate the last day of the season at Nordkette Skyline Park. We sounded the whole park with the borrowed music equipment from our friends from the Ride In Pleasure BMX Innsbruck club. At around 12:30 we fired up the BBQ and served some sausages, although vegan sausage and drinks to our guests. At this point I want to say thank you to all our partners for the generous support:

Nordkette Innsbruck, Salomon Snowboards, Volcom and Autohaus Dosenberger.

We’re very thankful to have such a strong background. 

The crowd shredded unitl 16:00 sharp, till the lift personal closed the chairlift. After the last run, everybody came together to the chill area for a last drink and for rewarding our MVPs of the day. We had two Salomon Snowboards boots for men and one Salomon Snowboards Bindings for women to give away. Together with some of the locals we decided to give one boot to Simon, who did a double backflip over the hip, one pair of boots to Philipp, who did a switch underflip and the women bindings to Madleen, the highly motivated shaper girl from the park. 

After this wonderful last shred day, with one laughing and one crying eye we finished the day and said goodbye to Skyline Park till next year. I want to say thank you to everybody involved and to all our partners who supported us during the season. We wish you a nice summer and hope to see you next autumn. Because next winter is coming for sure.

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Thx for reading.

Sincerely, Martin