Spezi –  Das Original X Lake Garda I South Tyrol, Italy

All pictures by @julietta_roxx

After the winter event season came to an end, perhaps do you remember there was the closing Sunday on 23rd of April, when we celebrated the annual SEASON ENDER over the roofs of Innsbruck at Nordkette Skyline Park, I was attracted by the warm weather and by some “dolce vita” visions which came to my mind after the suggestions of my girlfriend. 

Said, done. Let’s get ready  for some dolce vita at Lake Garda. After some basic preparations we were ready to leave for Italy for starting our short trip. Short trips are always good to change perspective and to charge batteries. Just before leaving home, I took a bottle of Spezi – Das Original and put them in the fridge cause you never know if there’s a moment where you would give nearly everything for a fresh, ice-cold Spezi – Das Original

You probably can imagine. The moment of the Spezi came just automatically and I was happy to have Spezi. This is although the moment to mention Spezi – Das Original as one of the long term supporter of go-shred and as a supplier of such an unique soft drink. Supporting go-shred since 2012 and delivering the most unique softdrink since 1965. Ask your grandparents and they will give you confirmation.

Thank you very much for always having those good ideas which make life so much more livable and all your help 🧡

Side note: Spezi – Das Original is available in Italy, mostly in South Tyrol. Badolino at the Lake bars and restaurants.