new date!!! STEP IN THE ARENA I skateboard contest I Skatehalle Innsbruck

As you may heard, we had to POSTPONE the STEP IN TEH ARENA skate contest. Mark Saturday, the 30th of September 2023 in your agenda and get your best tricks ready, cause it’s time to skate! Together with Ride in PLEASURE Skateboard club we bring the STEP IN THE ARENA format from the snow to the Skatehalle Innsbruck. Latest addition to our supporters, the original Californian skateshoe brand Lakai.

As we realized during our SITA contest at Snowpark Steinplatte how much fun this combination of best trick and jam session bring to all the participants, we decided to adapt this happening to the skatepark. Luckily our longtime partner Skatehalle Innsbruck is always down to try new things and gives us the opportunity to try other ideas, we’ll go for it. It’s pretty easy and i promise it will be a lot of fun and action.

The format of the STEP IN THE ARENA contest is based on a jam session in combination with a best trick judging. The contest area will be divided in 3 sections, where you have to do your best trick in a certain amount of time. Means, 3 areas and in every area the rider has to do his best trick. Means, in the end the rider has 3 best tricks and all 3 best tricks together will make the result. The fact, that only the best trick counts is the key to give the best.

Thank you to all our supporters, who make this event happening! XDouble, Volcom, Autohaus Dosenberger and Lakai.

We have tons of prices from our supporters, XDouble, Volcom, Autohaus Dosenberger, Stance, Lakai and more to come. 

AND 500€ pricemony for those who’re rocking most.