HALLOWEEN JAM I Skatehalle Innsbruck I 2023

Last Tuesday in October it was time to celebrate with the Ride In Pleasure Skateboard Club Innsbruck our traditional Halloween Jam at Skatehalle Innsbruck. We invited everybody to get over in a spooky dress to catch some Halloween vibes. When we call for one of our JAMs, no matter if it’s the SUMMER or the HALLOWEEN Jam we have in mind to celebrate skateboarding with everybody who’s keen to have fun. A few friends of mine just released a video with the name “why so serious?” which makes me think of the universal fun, the general fun. It’s fun when you see a great costume, it’s fun when somebody does something unexpected, unconventional and so one. That’s exactly what I’m looking for when we organize one of those jams. 

And looking of the result of the fest, I can say, we made it. We had crazy costumes, we had unexpected tricks, people who did tricks, they never did before, so the stoke level was high and everybody celebrated skateboarding. 

I want to say thank you to all of you, who showed up, all of you who participated at the Jam, to all those who came dressed up and not to forget to all our supporters. 

BIG SHOUT OUT to Ride In Pleasure Skateboard for putting this all together, Skatehalle Innsbruck, the City of Innsbruck, the oldest Skateshop in town, XDouble, Autohaus Dosenberger, Volcom, Lakai and Venture trucks. 

It’s not over yet for this year. We run another JAM this year, the NIKOLO JAM on 16th of December at the Skatehalle Innsbruck. Safe the date and get your Wishlist ready for NIKOLO. 

And here all the lucky winners: