#2 GAME of go-shred I 2024 I Nordkette Skyline Park

On Saturday, 17th of February, our SECOND STOP of the GAME of go-shred tour 2024 took place at the world-famous Nordkette Skyline Park – the closest snow park to a city center on the whole planet.

The Nordkette in Innsbruck, Austria, has one of the most magical views you can imagine. From the terrace of the restaurant at 2000m above sea level, you can see the whole city, the river Inn running through the city, and all those beautiful mountains surrounding the city.

Enough raving about this magical place; it’s time to resume our GAME at Nordkette. To be honest, the weather seemed pretty bad: rainy and cloudy, however not cold. But the snow was slushy and there was no wind – so all in all, it was not sunny, but it could have been worse!

Step by step, people showed up to register for participating. There were a lot of familiar faces but also many new ones. To give you a little idea of how diverse the guests were, I’ll highlight for you: The youngest participant was 4 years old, and the oldest was 50 years old. So, the GAME was once again cross-generational, with people of all ages, all kinds of shred levels, and so many different nationalities.

We started at 12:30 pm with the GAME. The weather was not goint to be better, and all participants were motivated to play. At 2 pm, we started the BBQ, which is always FREE for all participants. With some delightful sausages, soft drinks, and adult drinks, we had a great day. One thing was very special this time; we never had such a high level of Snowskaters at our event, which was great to see and this gave the GAME a special skate note.

Overall, once again, the GAME of go-shred brought so many different people together, all united by the love for winter sports and having a good time.

I want to say thank you to all of you for showing up and for celebrating the SHRED with us. Also, a huge thank you to the Nordkette for having us, and not to forget all our supporters who help us to keep the show running! Volcom, Skatehalle Innsbruck, Ride In Pleasure Skateboard, Salomon Snowboards, Giro Snow, XDouble, and Dosenberger – our mobility partner.

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Never stop shredding!