go-shred Obereggen BINGO I Snowpark Obereggen  

We couldn’t be more stoked to be back at Snowpark Obereggen .

One of the best parks in South Tyrol was the spot for the second BINGO in history. Due to the heavy snowfalls who hit the south in the last two weeks, there was plenty of snow to build great kickers, take offs and platforms for all kind of creative features. Due to the park crew and its leader Morris, the playground was in perfect shape and ready for our second BINGO, not only the second one in Obereggen in general but although the second BINGO in the actual season, cause the first one was in Mayrhofen I PENKEN park if you remember. 

The crew arrived on Friday evening, all together with the Renault Trafic. This van has enough space for six persons, for their luggage and all the event stuff. Tents, BBQ, drinks, prices, branding utilities … At this point, THANK YOU Autohaus Dosenberger for supporting go-shred with the Trafic van.

Sorry for this little side note, but now back to the main story. The crew delivered all the event stuff to the park and when finished with first mission of the event weekend, there were still time to shred, cause Obereggen got a night park, especially when there are huge dumbs like this year. Fully satisfied after a few hours of not expected riding, the go-shred event crew went to their spot for the night, the Rider Hotel and had a recovering night to be ready for the show on Saturday. 

Saturday morning after a good breakfast, the crew went up to prepare the setup cause the south Tyrolian shred scene is always hungry to enlarge their bag of tricks, to improve their skills and to have good fun while doing what they love the most. The registration started at 11 o’clock and it seemed that this time less people would show up than last year, but never say never cause just before closing the registration a big group of participants check in last minute. With over 40 participants the second Obereggen BINGO proved that the scene loves the format and is happy to have this kind of event in their park. 

After the first heats were done, the BBQ just get started, cause in good old go-shred style, all participants are invited to the BBQ and free SPEZI – Das Original as long stocks last. Around 15:00 o’clock the BINGO was done and the price giving ceremony took place. As you may remember, every bingo wins, so there were tons of prices from our supporters: Volcom, Giro Snow, Stance and Arcade to make all those BINGO winners happy.

Just after everything was done, the storm came in and changed the whole scenery. Wind, snow, cold all you don’t need for an event. But as everything was done till this moment, once again we had good luck and can say: Fortune favors the brave.

I only can repeat, it’s always a high light to run a BINGO in Obereggen, to see so many motivated shred heads and really feel the love for shredding. 

Thank you to all the participants for being part of it, thank you to everybody involved in the park, Obereggen Snowpark crew and Obereggen marketing department and last but not least our supporter Spezi – Das Original for supporting our dream and believing in the hype of go-shred.