SEASON ENDER I Nordkette Skyline Park I 2024

Last Saturday, 20th of April we celebrated the official end of the Nordkette Skyline Park. It was a great season up there, above the roves of Innsbruck. The unique atmosphere in this park makes people traveling from all over the world to catch the shred vibe from this park.

The setup during the season was incredibly good, due to the huge storms we had beginning of December 2023. The park shapers, Bjarni, Alex, Adrian and the rest of the crew did a great job, which reflected on all the happy shred faces, who came to the park. Tons of events went down for all kind of shred levels and all kind of taste. 

Last Saturday, another storm hit Nordkette and we were lucky enough that the slopes stayed open. After waiting till the avalanche security gave us green light, we could pull up our setup for the last dance of the season. 

As we were aware of the bad weather, weather forecast did not lie for once, we tried our best to make it fun as much as possible. Due to the great support of Salomon Snowboards and Giro we were prepared. From the recent Salomon Snowboards X Flame Tec Collabo for the Dancehaul Pro snowboard, we had some special gimmicks. We had about 40 Balaclavas from the Dancehaul Pro collabo to give a way to all those brave shred heads, who showed up even if it was constantly snowing and kind of not spring time at all.

During the day we launched the GIRO banger award for all those who were motivated to do a banger at the last day of the season. We had 10 brand new GIRO goggles to give away and we did it due to the motto “first comes, first serves”. Everybody was hyped and the googles were gone fast. 

In good old go-shred style we had a FREE BBQ, drinks and music for keeping the stoke level high. Once again, we were beyond happy to see so many people showing up to celebrate the last day with us.

Once again many THANKS to all of you for being part of it and living the shred life with us.

BIG THANK YOU to Nordkette for having us and fore sure to all our partners who support no matter we do! Volcom, Salomon Snowboards, Giro Snow, Zur Blüte and Autohaus Dosenberger.