GAME of go-shred Innsbruck I Nordkette Skyline Park

We invite you to play the GAME of go-shred with us at Nordkette Skyline Park. A sick setup is waiting for you, tons of goodies, a filmer and a photographer to catch all the action and to conserve it for eternity. The GAME of go-shred exists since 2010 and is a contest format which is focused on having FUN together while practicing snowboarding & skiing. Let’s make the magic happen together and get hyped by the power of shredding. Thank […]

go-shred SEASON ENDER I Norkette Skyline Park

SATURDAY, 20th of APRIL, let’s get together and celebrate the good life above Innsbruck. We bring our BBQ, some drinks and goodies for rewarding those who style the most on their snowboard or skies. Tell your friends and see you in the park. Friendly supported by Nordkette Skyline Park, Volcom, Salomon Snowboards, Autohaus Dosenberger.