A few weeks ago, there was the announcement of the latest go-shred Hoodie release. Do you remember the go-shred SHRIMP design? Inspired by the  shrimp I saw at the beach on an umbrella and realized by FAMily MEMber Moritz Amsüss. 

After a few weeks nearly all FAMily MEMbers got their pieces and all in all everybody is psyched on the design and the finishing. If you need a Christmas gift for your beloved one or a gift for yourself cause you love yourself very much, take in consideration that those pieces are a real FAMILY thing. You get the whole process included in one of those pieces. The creation of the design between Moritz and me, the realness approval of the design from the whole FAMily, the realization – hand screen printed by myself and last but not least the HYPE for this design, approved by the smartest boys with huge shred talent.

THX boys for being part of the FAMily. Much love and respect!


Simon Rieder I white SHRIMP tee
Simon Rieder I go-shred SHRIMP tee
Paul Eller I beige SHRIMP hoodie
MAX ZEBE I blau SHRIMP hoodie
Lorenz Vyslozil I beige SHRIMP hoodie
Luca Pichler I black SHRIMP hoodie
Leon Gütl I beige SHRIMP hoodie